What is a Reserve Study?

The reserve study is a multi-faceted tool used to predict the cost of each common property component and the year the component will require maintenance and/or replacement. A reserve study recommends annual reserve contributions that balance the expenditures. As a result, the property is prepared for capital improvement and maintenance projects.

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Why Hire a Professional?

A reserve consultant provides an expert independent analysis of the property. By remaining independent, the consultant provides an objective point of view to best maintain the property. This may alleviate disputes between property representatives. Furthermore, a professional reserve study reduces the liability of the property representatives because the fiduciary responsibility is passed to a professional.

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Our Clients are Saying…

“I worked with 3E Reserves for the first time this year after meeting Sean Schutten and being impressed with the format of their Reserve Study reports and the ease at which my Board members could understand them.  It was a bonus to find that 3E was approximately 20% less in price as well.”

Martin Stone, Vice President   –   HSR Property Services


Experience and Credentials

With property and building inspection experience throughout the United States and Canada, the  team at 3E Reserves provides expert Reserve Study services for your property. Our team is comprised of licensed Professional Engineers, Reserve Specialist, Federally Credentialed Inspectors, Technical Editors, and more!


Industry Involvement

We are members of and actively involved in these outstanding organizations. Learn more about these organizations by clicking their logos to view their websites.

Community Associations Institute (CAI)



Association of Condominium, Townhouse, and Homeowners Associations (ACTHA)